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Tax Preparation during Covid-19
With the handling of stimulus checks, early IRA withdrawals, PPP Loans and other Covid-related Federal programs, our tax returns will be a bit more complicated than they were last year. This will be our first full season of preparing taxes under the Coronavirus guidelines. Since most of us are not yet vaccinated, we will not be able to meet in person during the first half of 2021. That's not ideal but we can easily make it work. This season, you will get your documents to me in one of three different ways:

As many of you did last year, you are welcome to put all your tax documents in an envelope and leave them in my clearly marked (locked) drop-box to the left of my outside office door for this purpose. I suggest that you call my office or send a text to my cell phone to let me know you've done this. Be sure to have your phone number in the package.

If dropping off is not convenient, you can send your documents in an envelope by mail to the address shown below. If you want to be able to track it and confirm that I received it, you can use a large USPS Priority Mail envelope, which costs $7.95 for the first 16 ounces. Regular first class mail also works well, of course.

This year, we are using a secure site to which you can upload your files. It is very simple. Just click onto the following link... 
You will then enter your email address and easily upload as many files as necessary from your computer. There is also a place for you to write an additional message to us and provide more information. When you send the files, I will be notified and can then log in to the secure Canton Tax Group account and open them. You will be given the opportunity (but not required) to open your own account (at no cost) so that you can have continued access to the information you send and receive.